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Leveling Up

By Jennifer E. Goldman, President of Resonance, LLC Not too long ago I published an article on narrowing your focus, as related to defining your company’s target market. Basically, it was a wakeup call for entrepreneurs who believe everyone can become my customer . It didn’t take me long, however, to realize that I was guilty of doing the exact opposite: assuming that certain people couldn’t be my customer . This is just as bad. It was mentioned to me that what I had done for one nonprofit organization could be duplicated across the state. My response was that there are national and state funded programs that offer the same type of assistance to these particular organizations at no charge. Why would a nonprofit organization pay me for services they could get for free? The problem: I wasn’t thinking big enough! As the wheels began turning more quickly in my head I realized that the state programs are typically understaffed and their small departments can only pr