10 Business-y Things to Do During the Holidays

The end of the year holidays are a busy time for everyone, personally. But while some businesses are doing double-time to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, others are woefully slow. Regardless of which type of business you own, there are several ways that you can capitalize on your time during the season that will benefit your business. I’ve compiled a list of ideas to share with you – some will be perfect for your business and others will be perfect for someone else.

Increasing sales

1. Give away a gift with each minimum purchase or signed contract

2. Create a digital marketing campaign around a competition or drawing

3. Donate a portion of sales to a charity of your choice

For your current customers

4. Send hand-written thank you/holiday cards

5. Create and share holiday gratitude videos

6. Share your personal 2021 story in an email

Just for fun

7. Decorate your storefront. Extra bonus points if you get your neighbors to do the same. Super extra bonus points if you decorate in a photo/selfie-worthy way!


8. Purge. Start 2022 clean. For me, this means deleting old files I’ll never look at again. It also means decluttering the office of papers I don’t need and even painting or swapping out the framed art that no longer inspires me.

9. Create your 2022 calendar with marketing campaigns, networking events, courses that support your business goals, and other things that will inspire you to move forward in the New Year.

10. Review your Business Plan/Strategic Plan and update it with new goals and strategies to work toward in the next 12 months.


11. Ask for help! Decide what it is you really want next year but don’t have time for or aren’t good at. As entrepreneurs we tend to think of ourselves as “Jacks of all trades” and are sure no one will love our “baby” like we do, but it’s exhausting and a waste of our time and energy to continue doing it all ourselves. Someone else is really good at the things we detest...and enjoys them. You can roll your eyes at the marketing maven who’s happy making social media posts, the dork dancing while doing your books, or the organizer who declutters your office with a sense of om all you want but at the end of the day you’ll find it worth your while to free up your time for the aspects of your business that you enjoy and want to spend more time doing.


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