13 Ways to Know if You've Got Entrepreneurial Spirit

We've got spirit, yes we do!

We've got spirit, how about you?

Do you remember that from high school sports games? We may have rolled our eyes at the simplicity of the cheerleader chant but add a couple of decades and some of us are running around with this mantra in our heads. We're the ones with entrepreneurial spirit. We don't call ourselves business owners - although most of us are, in fact, business owners - we call ourselves entrepreneurs. And we've got spirit.

How can you tell an entrepreneur from a regular business owner? How do you know if you are one? There are too many differences to count but I'm going to give you 13 of them. Why 13 and not a nice even 10 or a round 15? Well, that's #1 on the list:

1. We don't pay attention to societal norms and expectations. You say 13 is a cursed number. You won't even allow it to be a number on an elevator button. Entrepreneurs laugh and make 13 their new lucky number. We're ok with going against the grain, NOT going with the flow, tempting fate.

2. Words like status quo, static, and stationary will send an entrepreneur into a high anxiety state. Entrepreneurs require movement, progress, and change. And if we don't sense it, we start stirring the pot, agitating, innovating.

3. Hard times inspire the true entrepreneur, it motivates and excite them. You know the expression 'necessity is the mother of invention'? That expression was made for us. Entrepreneurs thrive in times of challenge and turmoil. What could be better than clear and present danger? It's an opportunity for us to step up our game and create new solutions.

4. We take failure hard. But we take it. Failure does not frighten an entrepreneur. Failure is part of what we accept when trying new things. New things don't always work. Which stinks. But then we shake it off and get back to the drawing board.

5. We crave variety. If you ever ask an entrepreneur what jobs/careers they've had in their life, prepare to sit for a good long while and listen - the list is long and varied, and as they talk about each one, they'll get excited about it as if it were new again.

6. Speaking of sharing until it hurts...many of us (especially when asked) will share anything and everything about what we're working on. Entrepreneurs value input and feedback and we're just generally excited about 'this new thing'. We're not typically afraid someone will steal our thing, we're more interested in making sure our new thing is exciting to others as well.

7. Forget cash, learning is king! Entrepreneurs covet educational experiences. We collect them like butterflies. Books, documentaries, articles, white papers, courses, certifications - you create it, and we'll sign up!

8. You really can't tell us that our baby is ugly. Truly, no human wants to hear that, but least of all us. IF our baby really is ugly, the best you can do is try to help us pretty it up. (See #4: Failure)

9. Many entrepreneurs are great collaborators. We enjoy coming up with new ideas and solutions and hearing other people's unique ideas and solutions.

10. Risks. We take risks. Some entrepreneurs are extreme and some are a little more moderate on the scale of risk-taking, but we all live by the "you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs" mantra.

11. Quite possibly every entrepreneur, either outwardly or secretly, would love to strike it rich with their business, but very few are in it for the money. Entrepreneurs are passionate and driven by the desire to create change and offer solutions that work.

12. Entrepreneurs possess a kind of cool confidence; they will stick to one idea to the bitter end hoping and planning for the best outcomes...however, they aren't afraid to walk away. We know all is not lost. We will take what we have learned and build something newer if 'this new thing' doesn't work out.

13. We course-correct faster than lightning can strike! When the world throws out lemons, most people start ducking while trying to figure out what to do next. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are already collecting those bad boys and setting up road-side stands. And making them different than the guy or gal next to them. And improving their product. And adjusting their prices. And talking to their neighbors to find out what might be working better. While studying about the health benefits of citrus and posting about it on social media.

***To hear two entrepreneurs get excited about working with other entrepreneurs, watch this episode of The Top Brass.


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